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Hailing from Gramatik‘s own label, Lowtemp, this new release of Russ Liquid is filled with juicy 80′s synths and sweet west-coast basslines.

Thanks to his unique approach to composition and proficiency in multiple instruments, Russ Liquid has produced an almost kaleidoscopic soundscape worthy of delving into. Sexy beats, a cool jazzy attitude, and all the horned instruments Russ Liquid has in his arsenal (including sax, trumpets and flutes) cohere perfectly, and give shape to a futuristic and funky sound we’ve all come to expect from Lowtemp label. The disco enhanced funky glitches of In Love is bound to make you sway. An album we wholeheartedly recommend.

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Russ Liquid – In Love [Future Funk] 35.00/5s100.00%